Monday, June 18, 2012

Chloe is TWO!


It's hard to believe that two years has passed since this precious, miraculous day....June 15, 2010

We had no idea when we looked at her precious squishy, red face, that she would so perfectly live up to the meaning of her name.  Chloe means, "Verdant or Vibrant".  She certainly is...she is a ball of personality and knows how to work a room;)  

Saturday we had her second birthday party.  I had lots of themes swimming through my head but in the end decided to focus less on a creative outlet for me and more on what CHLOE would enjoy.  All of our children like music, but it seems to flow in Chloe's veins.  From the time she was itty bitty, she has fingered the piano keys instead of pounding on them.  She has been able to carry a tune since very young and lights up when her favorite songs are on.  She's got moves Jaggar as never seen!

I invited a few little two year old friends.  I decided to do a little music class.  I ordered our favorites for everyone- maraccas, scarves, cymbols with handles, eggs, etc.  I also made rain sticks.  I really wanted a big drum, but restrained myself from spending the money- as it turns out Jimmy John's Sandwich trays make AWESOME group drums;)   I also had bubbles (Gymboree's for the occasion, because they are by far the most superior bubbles on the market;) and I ordered a parachute, but we ended up going outside for the bubbles and got distracted by the playset and we didn't use it;)  We had pizza (her FAVORITE food) and an ice cream cake;)  It was in many ways the most simple party we've done, but it was perfect for our little ball of joy.

We love you, darling, Chloe- every little mischeivious bit of you;)


  1. If you needed a big drum, you should have let me know. My gramma still has my mom's big drum in her basement and you could have picked it up when you were in town. Also, LOVE your skirt!

  2. great party and I see you got the video to work :) YEAH!

  3. Darling! It looks like a fantastic time was had by one and all! We've taken joy in the discovery of the Toddler Channel on Pandora. We play it and dance whenever we care for a little friend---so fun! Oh, and I love your skirt, too!