Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quotes from the kids

1)Phin walked in our room this morning while I was getting dressed.  As always, he commented, "that is a pretty booby cover, mommy."  Then he said, "I don't know if Papa has boobs or not, cause he is all covered in black."  (referring to his hairy chest).

2) We got in the car to go to school.  We've been counting down this final week.  I put on my seat belt and said, "Where are we going?"  Usually, Ava will say, "SCHOOL!"  Today, she said "You should go to Road 66."  I replied, "what's that?"  Ava's reply, "The place you get kids.  You know, mommy, the song that says, 'Get your kids on Road 66.'"  LOL....ha ha!  We've been listening to the soundtrack from cars all week;)  (Yes, I did inform her of the real lyrics and then had to explain 'kicks' after she said, "who would go to get kicked?!")

These are the moments that I will miss when they are teenagers and know more than I do;)

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