Thursday, June 14, 2012

Airduct Adventure FOILED!

My son is upset with me.  Actually, he cried pretty hard.  It was kind of a heart breaking anguish type of cry.  Boo! for having to be the responsible voice of reason!

He was making quite a bit or ruckus in his room during nap.  I have a stiff neck and therefore a splitting headache, so I was trying to sleep myself and became very frustrated by his antics.  I went to his room and there he was on the floor- all of my scrapbook pens in front of him along with his Toy Story toys.

Mom: "Phineas, what are you doing?  Why aren't you napping and what you are you doing with my pens?
Phin:  I can't nap, mom, we are having an adventure.
Mom:  What kind of adventure are you having with my pens...if you write on your toys with those it won't come off.
Phin:  I would NEVER write on my toys, mom.  We are having an adventure.  I couldn't find a screw driver so I am trying to use your pens.
Mom:  For what?
Phin:  I am going to take off the vent so I can crawl in there with my Toy Story guys!
Mom:  What?
Phin:  we are going into the vent!

You can probaby predict what happened from there.  A) I informed him he probably wouldn't fit and if he did, that was very dangerous and he'd probably end up stuck or hurt and B) if just his toys fit in we might lose them forever cuz we might not be able to reach them to get them out.  He was crushed...crushed.

If you have seen Toy Story 2, you'll remember the toys use the Elevator shaft and air ducts to get to Woody and use them again to go after Al when Woody and the rest of the Woody's round up gang are in Al's suitcase bound for the airport..

Phin pretty much lives Toy Story and I guess his adventures are getting bigger with age.  I just hope he doesn't try to get the toys to drive the car....better be on the look out and be ready for more dream destroying;P

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