Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Question Friday

I am 'stuck' on the couch with a sick toddler, who just falls apart if mommy isn't right next to her.  It will certainly be a day of cuddling.  I downloaded a new novel on my kindle...cuz watchin' Dora is getting old;)

I love to read other people "Five Question Fridays"...and today I believe I will long as Chloe doesn't find enough energy to start pounding on the keyboard.

1. What were you scared of as a kid?

Lots and lots and lots of things.

I was afraid of strangers.  I remember pulling into many a driveway hoping the car behind me would think it was my house and not stop and kidnap me.  (They gave us a kidnapping talk in 2nd grade.  I don't remember much beside don't help someone look for their dog and don't take candy from strangers.  I do remember being very afraid)

I was afraid of my big sister.  To this day she still loves to scare people.  She was always patiently lurking somewhere waiting to jump out at me.  Man, she was so patient and persevering and I never knew when she would pop out and say, "boo!";)

I also remember being afraid for a time that my parents would die.  I think that is pretty normal.  But I had a few terrifying dreams that it happened and I still remember them.

I was also afraid of failing.  I was good at everything I did or I didn't do it;P  A character flaw my parents patiently worked on but didn't see fruit in until I grew up a big!

2. Do you sleep well in a hotel?

It depends on the hotel.  Cheap hotels=NO.  a)the walls are too thin and you can hear every other conversation or television show, b) cheap sheets, c)I always an worried the sheets aren't clean or that there are bedbugs;P

Nice hotels=yes....high thread count ironed sheets and a good mattress and I am in heaven.  Beautiful room makes it even better.  If there is a big giant jacuzzi tub with nice product samples....I'll sleep even better.  Although since buying our amazing bed (and I only use high thread count sheets)...I sleep just as well at home;)   Still I like having someone else clean after me and make my bed....especially if my children are with someone else for the night;)
3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why?
Jeff Probst...cuz meeting him would probably mean I had gotten on Survivor....and I would LOVE to play that game/show!!!

4. It's a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach?

Definitely pool.  I love the look of a beach, so my ideal is an infinity pool overlooking the beach.  I am just really not into sand stuck all over me...or salt water or sea weed.  Of course here we have fresh water beaches...but the water is far too cold and there is still sand- so I'd pick pool any day.

5. What is your favorite summer dish?

Hmmm...I LOVE Johnsonville Beddar with Cheddars.  Yes, my husband works for them, but my love of the things is what made him interview for the job;)  

I also love Lebanese marinated grilled chicken and a good grilled Filet mignon.

I am not crazy about ice cream but if it's really hot- it hits the spot.

I love food- that has been well established...and I could make ANYTHING a summer dish:)


  1. Hooray for joining the 5QF bandwagon - I love reading people's answers, too! Can you share a marinade recipe for the Lebanese marinated grilled chicken?
    And, do you get unlimited Beddar with Cheddars now?

  2. Ooh, I was going to ask for the chicken recipe, too! And I totally agree on the pool instead of beach question. No sand or sharks in the pool. :)