Monday, July 2, 2012

Lest I forget what the Lord has done....

I was pondering God's goodness last evening and again this morning.  Convicted how easily I take it for granted.  EVERY good and perfect gift is from above.  EVERY one.  Nothing good in my life is deserved, earned, or owed me- it is all a gift from God.  Beautiful friends, Beautiful opportunities for ministry, Beautiful Worship, Beautiful family...small foretastes of a Beautiful God.

Many people have asked how I survived Marc's time in Lebanon.  We missed Marc greatly, but really it went as well as it could go without him.  I did not have ONE day when I felt alone.  I did not have one day when I wondered if we'd make it.  Not one bad day.  I was tired- oh yes, definitely was tired.  I missed my man- for sure, but there really was nothing remarkable to complain about.  Nothing.  It's easy to miss how remarkable that is in itself.  I spent 10 days with three kids- supported by friends and family.  I didn't have a blow up at my children.  I didn't want to give them away.  We experienced joy of other's checking in on us;  we had moments of fun.  It went very well.  People have credited me from time to time in asking how it went and finding out it went well, and I was convicted yesterday to just take a moment to remember not ONE ounce of credit goes to me.  God knows how weak I am.  I have bad days as a mom when Marc IS home.  To not have one bad day in 10 when parenting alone?  It is really a miracle.  It is good.  It is a gift.  God granted me that.  He provided the friends to support me, the energy for my kids, the joy in supporting my husband.  He gave me a gift and I don't want to overlook how large a gift it really was.  I did nothing to deserve or earn it- he bestowed it.  I am SERIOUSLY grateful.  Praise him for his provision and love.  Praise him.


  1. Well said, friend! I am often quite guilty of overlooking the not-so-obvious gifts that He so abundently provides. So thankful that you way more than "survived" Marc's time away!!!

  2. God is indeed good and always waiting for the opportunities to show us his goodness - thanks for the reminder. Simon leaves tomorrow for 20 days in Australia, I hope I'm as lucky with my good days as you were!