Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Precious Moments

Yesterday we went out for breakfast.  Our oldest eats...a lot.  She'd had her full plate of food and part of mine and she started reaching to pick at Chloe's when I said, "Are you sure you are still hungry?"  When she replied, "I promise, mom, I am not full yet."  I had an epiphany that perhaps she doesn't understand at what point she should stop eating.  She was our chubbiest infant/toddler and I never knew when to stop feeding her because she didn't turn away.  She is also tall for her age and not obese, so I never know if she's just growing or doesn't stop eating if she likes what she's eating.

Anywho...I asked her.  "Ava, what does 'full' mean?"  Her reply was to precious not to share.  She said, "It can mean two things.  It means you can eat a single thing more or it can mean a young horse."  Ha! Ha!  It took me a minute to realize she meant "FOAL";)

(and just to finish the original point of the conversation, I told her you can stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.  I told her, "You don't want to eat until you can't eat one thing more all the time.  That is uncomfortable.  You want to eat until you feel satisfied.  You no longer feel hungry, but you don't feel stuffed."  Who knew- we'd been having a misunderstanding over the word full.  This morning, she has a smaller breakfast than normal and told me she was pretty sure she was satisfied and if not, there would be a snack at school.;)

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  1. That just makes me laugh... foal. Too cute and so interesting about understanding what full means - how dutiful of her of persevering through to full when she eats. She sounds like the sweetest girl!