Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A more positive adoption update...

I last posted that we were experiencing some regression due to Marc going oversees for a week.  It's been a long 5 weeks readjusting and we aren't yet back to what was our new normal, but the last week has been amazing.  No potty accidents, just an general calmness returning (anxiety in little kiddos presents as restless or hyperness).  He is going to sleep again on his own.  He has stopped pocketing food.  He's still a bit clingy and we are doing a lot of sitting and cuddling, but we can handle that:)

It has been said that time erases all wounds and while I don't believe that is true, I think time combined with love and patience is powerful in healing.  I am learning so much about being patient, waiting, and loving.  Just pushing through and loving while God does the healing in HIS perfect time.

I am reminded how resilient the human spirit is and how powerful our Great Healer is.  The process isn't always clean and neat.  There are setbacks and sometimes we go back to past fears or wounds, but his grace and healing push through.  I am learning so much on a heart level what my head has known about our Creator for a long time.  I just feel blessed.

And might I add...smiles really are amazing.  Imaging my life without this particular one is impossible at this point;)

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