Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whiney Winter Posts Stop here

I love the little eCard going around that says something like, "2014- The year winter defeated moms everywhere".  I mean lets face it, this winter has been hard.  It is just insane to try day after day to find ways to get out the energy of preschool children, especially when your own energy was depleted somewhere back in September.  Still, is anyone else SICK of everyone saying they are sick of winter.  I mean life is hard enough without every one's negative facebook statuses pulling you further into the pit of despair.  It takes all the energy I can muster to get out of bed and put a smile on my face.  I pat myself on the back for getting through breakfast with joy and then make the mistake of checking email and facebook only to be reminded by all these Negative Nelly's that life is horrible.  Talk about negative influence corrupting good character!  It's hard enough to stay positive people- let's help one another out!

Our children are a blessing.  I know...I know, it's March 3 and freezing cold...but it still remains true.  Just say it a few times out loud if you need to.  (I am thinking about writing it in lipstick on my mirror, myself.)  Our lives aren't as easy as when they get outside, or as when WE can get outside. But we can't really do anything about that and complaining doesn't help that much.  I personally found the more I complained about this crappo weather, the worse I feel.  Soon, I found so many swear words running through my head the minute the gust of cold hits me in the face on my way from the house to the car.  This is no way to live life.  We've all read 10,000 Gifts or at the very least have seen Oprah's episode on gratitude, and let's not fail to mention that the Bible, our guidebook to life says, "Give thanks in ALL circumstances", so how 'bout we help each other out and start spreading some positivity.   Gray attitudes certainly don't make winter any less bleak, but sunny attitudes just might.

So here are a few things I am thankful for this winter:
1) Hot tea
2) Our fireplace
3) Warm bubble baths
4) We never feel like going outside, so my husband and I have been cultivating date nights in...and lets just say our marriage is going VERY well this winter and we are finding ourselves plenty warm
5) My garage...we lived in the city for far too long to EVER take an attached garage for granted
6) My kids Swim School- it is so warm inside that it feels a little like a vacation every Monday evening
7) Clothes- I like winter clothes. I especially love my Northface Jacket I got last year on clearance and my warm boots...They are cozy, cozy.
8)  Drivethrus
9)  Warm soup and bread...I mean really, it's hard to beat on a cold day, isn't it?
10)  Children with cold, pink cheeks- it's adorable, it is just adorable.
11)  Christian saying, "Co" (his word for cold) EVERY time we go outside...and he make an adorable fake shiver every, EVERY time he says it.  I will miss it when it's hot.
12)  This Let it Go parady I saw this morning from WGN...made me happy as a snowman.
13)  Big giant snow flakes falling- it's mesmerizing and just beautiful
14)  Pizza Delivery Men
15) Pea pod (grocery delivery)
16)  I find it incredibly endearing and romantic that without fail no matter how cold it is my husband snowblows and shovels not only our drive way but the single woman's next door...his servant attitude warms my heart
17)  My kids NEVER seem to complain about the cold and get excited EVERY time it snows
18)  The cute snowman in our yard...his presence has been outside our dining room window for so long, I think I really will miss the fellow
19)  Boxes....kids do amazing things with them...amazing things with them.
20) Toys and Books...There are so many kids in the world without such things, so if we have to be stuck inside- I am seriously glad that we have our pick of things to play with.
21) Pinterest-  I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest, that is no secret.  But there are some GREAT ideas on there for inside activities.
22) Baking with kiddos...sure it is bad for my weight watchers plan, but I love it and the kids love it and it smells good AND is yummy
23) Cuddling on the couch watching movies
24) Watching Winter Olympics with my littles and then watching them pretend to ice skate or ski (I SOOO remember doing that myself as a kid...okay, perhaps I also do it as an adult;)
25)  Wii...we limit video games, but family Wii night is just hilarious and fun, particularly when your children are 7 and under.  (Chloe drives Mariokart backwards without fail EVERY time.)
26)  Toddler speak for Hot Cocoa...I believe it would be spelled something like, "Hot Cockolate"
27)  No need to mow lawn or do yard work in the winter, so aside for the mornings Marc has to snow blow, I think we have more family time in the winter.
28) sledding
29)  Guilty pleasure- the you tube video of the dad recording kids slipping on ice while waiting to pick up his daughter...I mean, this wouldn't be possible without ice,people.
30) Curling up with a good book and blanket.
31)  There are no mosquitoes in winter and therefore no itchy bug bites
32)  Minimal allergies in winter
33)  Darker mornings and therefore kids who sleep in much later (on most days) than they do when the sun is up at 5 am
34)  If you don't have time to shave your legs, there is no need to panic- no one knows!
35)  The feeling of coming to a warm house after being cold...such a comforting feeling.
36)  If I run out of room in my fridge, I can use the garage
37)  The school pick up line- don't even have to get out of the car- Yippee
38)  Valentines and Christmas were in winter--- they're my favorite holidays;)

Okay that's a start...how 'bout you?  What are you thankful for this winter?

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  1. Fabulous list! Grinning ... um, especially #4. Great post!