Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a few recent conversations:)

We've been without a computer for over a week, since two Saturdays ago, when i contracted a computer virus looking for a recipe online. During that time we've had a few conversations that made me laugh. Here are some I remember:

1) At our dinner table:
Marc: Ava said something in the car that made me laugh. I wish I could remember what it was. AH! I have got to write these things down.
Phin: More pasta, mommy.
Ava: Knock, Knock, mommy.
Me: Who's there?
Ava: Flammigibbet
Me: Flammigibbet who?
Ava: Flammigibbet with pizza on it.
Me: (fake laughing)
Ava: I am so funny. I really need to write these down.

2) In the car:
Phin: I'ma cow, 'moo'
Me: oh- really? Well, I am a horse, 'neigh'
Phin: I a cow, 'moo'
Me: I'm a pig, 'oink'
Phin: NO! Mommy a horse!
Me: oh, I forgot, 'neigh'
Phin: Chloe sheep 'baa'

3)Phin- recently procrastinating at bedtime ("coincidentally" after I'd already finished songs and prayer)
Phin: Phin go potty now
Me: you have to go potty
Phin: oh yes!
Me: Okay let's try it (note- he just turned two, he has never peed or pood on the potty, but I do try to let him go sit when he asks periodically though he's never before asked at bedtime)

Phin sits on potty giggling that he has to point his penis down.

Phin: I put penee in potty (ha ha ha)
Me: Are you all done?
Phin: Yes, sure
Me: okay, lets go to bed
Phin: Wait, mommy, wait. Phinny wash hands after potty.

Sure...bedtime was delayed but atleast he is learning this good habit young;P

4)Monday after Halloween, I am in kitchen washing dishes...
Phin: Trit or Treat, mommy
Me: what? (while laughing)
Phin: Trit or Treat. candy please mommy

5)In car tonight:

Ava (out of no where): Papa, when is __________ going to die? (I can't list the person here in case they read my blog, cuz she would be extremely offended!)
Papa: uh- I don't know why?
Ava: She's really old.
Papa: well, we want to have her around for a long time still don't, we?
Ava: I'm not sure, Papa, she's getting really old....

6) About a week ago:
Ava comes to me VERY upset: Mommy Phin will NOT quit calling me Ernie and my name is AVA!
Me: Oh honey, he isn't saying Ernie, he is saying 'honey'. He's copying mommy.
Ava: I don't care what he is saying, my name is Ava.

Note- he persists in only calling her honey all week. He uses it all the time in place of her name. "Honey, where are you?" "Honey, let's go down stairs" "thank you, Honey" (hilarious;)


  1. Hi Kim, very funny conversations. Your last story reminded me of something. When I was living in Frankfurt for a year as an exchange student, I had a boyfriend and he asked me what a term of endearment was in English and I told him "honey." Before I knew it everyone in our dorm called me honey. For someone homesick and in a foreign country, it warmed me up to have everyone call me honey....

  2. love it! It was so nice meeting you at Karla's shower. Your kids are super cute :)

  3. These crack me up because I can just hear their voices when they are saying these things....can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Phin is talking more and more all the time!-Karla