Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Perhaps it's the Indian Summer we are experiencing that has me in a super duper mood, but I am lovin' life right now- stressors and all. I'm just gushing on my kiddos. Here are a few of my favorite things at the moment:

-Ava currently asking me to "skin her carrot". I corrected her once, but have since decided to just let her call it skinning instead of peeling for the time being; sure it may be technically incorrect, but who cares-it makes me laugh inside;)

-Phin's "Oh, Man!" when I take away his lollipop (that he steals from my candy drawer) or tell him he can't do something.

-Phin's "No, Thanks!" when he doesn't want something offered...manners before 2 are SOOO cute;)

-Ava's super helpful nature...she thinks she's a mini-mommy. Certainly, this causes problems sometims but it is also super cute that a 4 year old thinks she is SOO grown up!

-My husbands help with housework. Is anything more romantic, really?

-Ava and Phin's budding relationship. They love playing with each other and it is priceless to witness!

-Chloe's squeals of delight and pure joy at the mere sight of mommy.

-Ava's art projects. Everyday she makes about 20 different projects, they differ but atleast once a day she makes paper dolls and writes me a "letter".

-Ava working hard to master the monkey bars. She is making it farther across every day and seeing her determined to complete a task and working hard to get there is awesome.

-Phin's is hard not to tickle him all day long.

-The excitment my kids express over ice cream...we go far to often cuz it is just so fun for them!

-Watching Phin's budding imagination- Woody is currently rescuing Jesse from various situations on a daily basis. Sometimes Buzz get's to help.

-Dancing with my kids.

-Chloe's beginning to take a long morning nap on an almost daily basis...the sleep schedule is emerging- yay!

-Being able to dress Chloe however I want;)

-Seeing Phin's delight EVERY time he gets to wear his Super Grover T-shirt.

-Ava's outfit combinations.

I'll stop there...I think I could go on forever right now- MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!

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  1. Yes it does! You gotta love the Aneed kids!
    :) Karla