Friday, May 29, 2009

It's the Little Things

I can be pretty hard on my husband. Probably mostly because he can take it. Poor guy comes home after a long day of work to find an often tired and grumpy wife. It's as if I have a finite supply of patience and never reserve any for him. He is a trooper and complains less than I would were I on the recieving end of my grumples or snide remarks. I feel badly about this and really KNOW it's not acceptable. Chalk it up to God allowing him to practice grace on a regular basis.

The truth is, he can be a slacker at times (can't we all) but he does try hard to do his part around here. So he forgets the trash every now and then or took a year to unpack his stuff in the many times have I had to rewash clothes because I left them wrinkling in the dryer for three days, purely because I didn't feel like folding them! I am quick to extend myself grace or make excuses, but often have zero tolerance for his shortcomings.

Today I was reminded that his successes WAY out weigh his failures and doggone it, it is time I start focusing on THAT! This week he's really stepped up. As mentioned yesterday, I'd been struggling with exhaustion and feeling weird and couldn't figure out why. I was SUPER tired and just didn't get stuff done. He helped out- let me tell you. He finished emptying the dishwasher (which I just forgot about) and knew I was out of it enough to leave the dryer running (we have a dryer that never turns off on it's own and a landlord who doesn't see that as a problem) and made sure to turn it off, he didn't complain about canned soup fro dinner, etc. But the icing on the cake this week came this morning. I went into the kitchen to a get a diet coke, which I was preparing to drink warm, disappointed as I remembered I hadn't put any in the fridge after unloading the groceries. As I went to grab a can I noticed the pack was half empty. "Could it be?" YES! My husband noticed (how I'll never know) and loaded the fridge rack. I mean this is romance at it's best folks. Just because he loves me, he loaded the fridge with Diet Coke so I could actually enjoy my daily indulgence.

Such a small thing caused a lump in my throat because after all it's the little things that let us know how deeply we are loved. He knows me. He knows I like cold pop. He wants me to be happy. I could gush and gush, but the bottom line is I am B-L-E-S-S-E-D.

Oh we have our issues, just like all married couples and over time you may see a few appear here on the blog, but darn it we are in this life together and we are one heck of a team. I am glad that I have had opportunities to serve him in the past, and I am so thankful that he served me this week (and countless other times). Marriage is such hard work and let's be honest with two small children their are times when I am so tired I don't want to do the work, but days like today remind me- it's all worth it. No pain, no gain and after 8 years of marriage- we have gained much and every growing pain is worth it.

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  1. Aww. He should give lessons. On the flip side, I drink cold coffee all the time. If anyone automatically heated it up for me, I'd fall over in shock.