Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We finally have pictures;)  Christian is getting so big;)  I am sure we'll be studying these at length for sometime:)

He's cruisin;)  I love how secure he is with the caregiver in this pictures.  I love her fingers holding his little hand.  It's a gentle loving touch and I can't wait to hug her and say, "thank you for loving him." 

Look at his smile;)  and those eyes...dark as night but sparkling like stars.  His cute little pot belly and perfect feet....oh I cannot wait to hold this little man;)
(Notice again the beautiful hands of the caregiver- they obviously have just finished tickling him to induce this smile.  Her smile shows as much delight as his.  I don't yet know her name, but my heart swells in gratitude. )

Even with a look stunned by the camera, he is just precious.  His eyes are huge;)  I cannot wait until they are looking up at me.  He is so big and yet still so small, look at those pouty lips, perfect hands and feet.  Oh, I can't wait to rub that cute little head;)

This look reminds me of Phin.  Was Diana (our director and the photographer) trying to get his attention?  He looks like he is smirking, purposefully avoiding the camera.  There is mischief in these eyes;)  He'll fit RIGHT in 'round here;)

AH!  I am so in love;)  Just think, the next photos I post of Christian will Lord willing be of us meeting him for the first time.  Thank you, Lord, for creating this precious little boy.  My heart is so full, it may burst.


  1. Oh Kim, he is SO beautiful and will no doubt fit with your family. I am beyond excited for you and so thankful for the gift of these new pictures--love His goodness to us.

  2. Oh my!!! So, so sweet!!! And, I love how you are savoring these photos, seeing so much beyond what others may see ... seeing with your Mama's heart. So beautiful, my friend!

  3. He is just gorgeous! And he's going to fit right in with your family! Love the photo descriptions!

  4. I agree with Heather---I love that your mama's heart sees and treasures each detail, tucking them away for safe keeping. He is just beautiful, and I'm so very thankful you got these latest pics to treasure. So soon you'll be in them with him, friend. Can't wait for that day! XO

  5. Kim, I am so happy for you all!! He is coming to such a warm and loving home, he'll grow up laughing and feeling loved <3 Thanks for sharing, I can't WAIT to meet him!!!

  6. Oh my - I can SOOO see him in your family!

  7. Huge smile over here! I can't wait to hear about your first time meeting him!!