Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday musings;)

It's Monday.  My house is in disarray and the laundry is piling over.  My inability to concentrate on anything but nonexistent pictures last week, put me a little behind.;)

The worship music is blarring, the sun is shining through the windows, I am resigned that my hoped for pictures will come at just the perfect time and praying that everything with our director is okay.  New mornings, new mercies....I am so thankful.

Little by little, I am whipping this place back into shape and dancing with my Little's all the while we work.  I look at the beautiful sky and know that my God made that sky and it's the same sky covering Christian's world at this same moment.  God knows if he's gotten any new teeth or learned to walk.  God knows if he's saying cute little words or in the "no" phase.  God knows and God sees and I love that.  I may not have pictures and sometimes I mourn that I am missing these things, but there is a Creator who not only knows the number of teeth in Christian's mouth, but the number of hairs on his head.  He hasn't missed a moment.  He's smiling down on him, watching over him....I am so thankful.

I need to do the work he's placed before ME today.  THIS is what he's given me today and I will do it with joy, knowing in his perfect time I'll have pictures and a chubby little boy running around my feet, laughing with his sister, wrestling with his brother, adding to the joy in our home.  Until then...I will keep my eyes not on unknowns but on my Maker, my Master, my Sovereign Gracious Father, who gives me JUST want I need.  I am learning to be content in want...and I am grateful.

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