Friday, October 12, 2012

Just another one of "those" days...

They say deaths and births happen in threes.  I don't know if it's true, but I find theories like these intriguing.   I firmly believe, for example, that children act crazy at certain times- storms, full moon, etc.  Or is it just coincidence?  I have no clue, but sometimes this house is relatively calm (I say relatively because I don't have "calm" children by nature;) and other times it is just insane.  Today was one of those "insane" of those, "really?!  You did THAT too?"

Today- I had to buy a bunch of tissue paper I didn't want or need at Target because my son for some reason decided to jump up on the bottom shelf and dance.  I grabbed him "immediately" but a stack of tissue paper was ruined.  I couldn't in good conscious leave it there- so I bought it.  It is was of course the stack of ugly tissue paper, I'll be trying to salvage the peices that are usable so I apologize to anyone getting a gift from us in the near future.  Ugly tissue paper may be coming your way.

Today- Chloe threw a TEMPER TANTRUM the likes of which you may never have seen because I wouldn't buy her candy at Target.  Um...we never buy candy at Target, but today this was devastating apparently.

Today- My son decided to climb behind our plasma TV....a place he knows not to be.  He was scrambling to get out when I came in the room and "caught" him; in his scramble he knocked the remote (thankfully not the TV) across the room- ruining the now we'll have to tape our batteries in place.  Turns out he was hiding the fake dog poop I bought him a couple weeks perhaps I'm partially to blame;)

Today- My son and daughter decided to play in my candle cabinet while I was using the restroom.  They threw candles AND a very delicate glass lattern.  Glass EVERYWHERE.  I had to dig a shard out of Phin's foot.  I really liked that lattern:P

Today-  The van door was open, I was getting Chloe out.  My son climbed in the front and hit the "gas" door button.  The gas door opened into the open van door.  Now I can't close either.  They are sitting waiting for Marc to attend to them.  I sure hope this isn't an expensive problem.

Today- my freshly mopped floor got covered in chocolate milk when my daughter decided it would be funny to spit chocolate milk at her brother.  This will be the last time we have that treat.

Today- my son wanted to play "it's raining" during nap, so he took his sisters ziplock bag of Lite Brite pegs and made it rain.  There are Lite Brite pegs ALL over his room...and I do mean ALL over.  He'll be pickin' that up himself...probably for the next three day it's such a mess;)

I was blow drying my hair and Phin and Chloe are giggling in my closet.  I was waiting for them to come in and "scare" me, when I realized they were taking too long.  I peeked in on them.  They had emptied out half my scrap booking ribbons on the floor.  AH!  They know better...we've cleaned up glitter and unspooled ribbons twice before.  Their menacing laughter was worse than the mess....they knew exactly what they were doing...and immediately said "sorry mommy" when I walked in the closet.  I think they think it's hilarious when I am frazzled.  GRRR.

It's certainly not the end of the world, but enough to make a mom tired;)  Can't help but shake my head and wonder "what's up next, guys?"  Is it something in the water?  Were their breakfast apples laced with some crazy drug?  The mischief abounds...discipline abounds....and mommy's energy stopped abounding about 9am;)  I also wonder how bad my sons antics will get when he can play actual pranks.  He just seems to have mischief in his bones.  He definitely will keep me on my toes for a LONG time to come.



  1. It's a comfort to know mine aren't the only kids who get up to no good. Hang in there!

  2. I know about that stuff too. Aidan climbed a very high shelf and ate Vaseline. He also slathered the goo all over his hands. He had very soft hands. Poison control confirmed my suspicion that while vaseline isn't poisonous it is a powerful laxative.
    He has a terrible nose picking problem and picked it until it bled. Ken and I spent over an hour holding him down while blood sprayed everywhere. He was yelling" Get away! Put(the tissue) in the garbage!"NOT my finest parenting moment.
    Yesterday I was greeted by Aidan with blood smeared on his cheeks like warpaint. Yet another nose picking adventure.