Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Ready!

We will meet our little boy in three days, nineteen hours, and two minutes.   I can't quite articulate how I feel; I have no idea how to process it to be honest.  I am beyond excited, nervous, frightened, and just in complete awe of the privilege I've been given.

While we will certainly be adding to this list (we found out we can bring as many things as we want;), Here are the key things we've planned on bringing him:
This stuffed panda, which has been in bed with Marc and I for a couple weeks and is made into our bed during the day.  The idea is that our "scent" will stay with him long after we are gone.

This recordable book.  It is a cute book, and our voices will be able to "read" it to him even when we aren't present.  The illustrations are adorable and it has families of different races inside, which I liked.

The Jesus Storybook Bible in Haitian Creole...we are bringing a couple copies to leave at the orphanage.

Finally, I made him this board book, in English and Creole.

Time is running short for this trip, but we WELCOME comments and suggestions of what else to bring our beloved baby boy;)


  1. Your gifts are so precious and meaningful---and your board book made me cry. Thinking of and praying for your heart continually throughout each day. So, so excited that you'll soon be snuggling your beautiful Treasure.

  2. Ahhhh, so excited for you!!!!! Love all of the gifts-they are so meaningful.

  3. I'm giddy just thinking about your weekend!! We will be praying that the Lord continues to prepare Christian's heart for you.

  4. I love your board book! Did you translate all the Haitian sentences yourself, or find them online somewhere? I'm excited for your weekend (and a little envious, truth be told)...Can't wait until it's our turn!

    1. Hey Emily-

      I used Google Translate...hope they are accurate;) I am thinking of asking Diana to double check it;)

  5. Simply amazing and they're so very thoughtful! What a gift of love you're giving him! Very happy for you!

  6. I have no helpful comments for what to bring, but am in tears from your book - Christian is so blessed and I am so excited for you!

  7. Every blessing for you & Marc on your journey! Perfect gifts for little Christian. I will be praying for you this weekend.

  8. Kim, you made me cry!! I am praying with you through this, sharing with your joy, and in awe of the hearts of you and your family. I can't wait to meet him <3