Friday, October 5, 2012


Still no further correspondence, including confirming travel dates.  I am trying to be patient...grr.  I am trying to be gracious- seriously, it's weird that she's sent NOTHING further, so maybe she had a family emergency or she's really swamped or what about this?!  Maybe some miracle is happening in Haiti RIGHT NOW and she'll call and say, "guess what?!  You aren't waiting a year, you can pick him up when you visit him at the end of the month" (you've previously been warned about that I may be a little crazy right now;).

So, trying to have a good attitude and sometimes succeeding.  I DO know, with all my heart, that God is teaching me much in the waiting and doing a beautiful thing in my heart.  I am learning patience and surrender and for that I am grateful.  Still, I give a virutal "boo!" for no pictures of my baby yet.  That's all;)

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