Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Phineas

My son, Phin, turned four years old today.  I can't believe time has flown so quickly.

Phin's first few months of life shook me to the core.  He had milk-protein intolerance and at two months, had RSV that left him with residual Reactive Airway Disorder.  He did not sleep, which I know many people say that, but in his case, it was true.  I don't really know how I survived the sleep deprivation, but somehow we made it and by seven months he slept soundly through the night making up for lost time.

He is a mischievous character.  If he is gone and quiet, I know I am in trouble.  He's pulled more antics in four years than I expected to endure in a lifetime and yet they all make me laugh.  He is a very smart little guy and when combined with creativity- there is often lots of mess and lots of laughs.

His name means, "Face of Compassion" and there really is something special in his little face.

I made up a song for him as a baby  that I used to sing to him:

Mr. Charmer, that's you
Mr. Charmer, that's you
Oh that twinkle in your eye,
It could light up the sky
Mr. Charmer that's you

Mr. Charmer, my guy
Mr. Charmer, my guy
With a smile and a wink
You'll have 'em on their feet
Mr. Charmer, my guy

He really has grown to be a Charming young man and the twinkle never leaves his big brown eyes.  He is rarely grumpy and loves to laugh.  He loves people and loves being a boy.  He admires his dad and his grandfathers and is happiest when he's with them.  He is curious and has broken a few toys trying to figure out how they work.  He is sensitive and devastated when he hurts someone else.

He is a bundle of energy and yet has surprised me by becoming a meticulous kid.  He cleans his room as well as I could do it.  He organizes his toys and keeps things in place.  He LOVES school and learning. And though from speaking to other moms with boys, I expected him to tell me little about his school day, he actually gives me more details than our very talkative firstborn ever has (and if you know her- you know i get plenty of unsolicited info.;)

This year, he was potty trained, can dress and undress himself completely, can set and clear the table, is a great cleaner and most importantly, he asked Jesus in his heart.  What fun to celebrate this special little guy!
 Ava helped me wrap presents...

Ava then wanted to hide until he came down to breakfast...she was so excited (warmed my heart) 

He was delighted;) 

He opened Ava's present first. 

He loved it- a Cars watch 

Marc and I got him a bunch of Rescue Hero Stuff (a literal BUNCH because I got it all for $30 off Craigslist;)

Then after cereal, he got to eat cake for breakfast;)  Cuz you can do that on your birthday, you know. 

When Chloe got up, he opened her gift...a barrel of monkey, just like the ones form Toy Story. 

He quickly tried them out. 

 Then he and Chloe watched and played Rescue Heros...all morning;)

When Ava got home, we decorated Mr. Potato Head cupcakes (for school treat tomorrow)...cuz sometimes it's more fun to participate in decorating your own birthday cupcakes;)

Marc came home a bit early and they all played Mariocart...we rarely let the kids play video games, so this may have been the highlight of the day for Phin;) 

He requested "Breakfast for Dinner", so I put candles atop his car shaped buttermilk pancake (the best recipe EVER is here.)

Sticky, Messy delight;)

Happy Birthday to my favorite Four year old little boy.  We love you to the moon and back, Phineas Sinclair and we thank God for you!

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