Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cars Birthday

Today was Phin's 4th Birthday Party.  Where does time go?  How can my baby boy be turning 4 in just two days;)

This year it took him a bit to settle on a theme, but finally settled on CARS.  What a fun party to plan and implement;)

 The table ready and waiting for kids and food;)

 Pinata filled to the brim with candy and the Lightning-Mater Cake he wanted;)

Refreshments?  Their choice of Motor Oil (grape Koolaid) or Antifreeze (lime Koolaid) 

 Tow Mater's Toss

Ramone's House of Body Art (face painting station) 

When the kids arrived they were asked to find the paper containing their name and decorate their license plate. 

 When done with the license plate, they could go to get their face painted or play with the cars on the large track we taped on the floor.

Goodie Bags were found in Sarge's Surplus Hut 

Outside- the location of our very own Piston Cup Race:) 

Radiator Springs showed up on our wall;) 

For Phin's face paint- he chose a lightning bolt 

 AND Lightning McQueen

Boys and Cars....we could have planned nothing else;) 

Almost all of our party guests;) 

 After Tow Mater's Toss, they plays "Sarge Says" (Simon Says) with Grandpa
Phin, quite obviously, loved it;) 

Next, they went out side and found their license plates had been mounted on the back of their very own Lightning McQueen 

Everyone got to drive in our very own Piston Cup Race 

On Your Mark, Get Set... 


Next, we ran a second race "Mater style"- aka backwards!!! 

Gotta love this kid;) 

While in the drivers seat, we then played Red Light/Green Light 


Time to Eat;)  Hot Dots with Cheese wheels, Apples with grape wheels, and Tow Maters Taterchips 

 Then Cake (our photos of the candle blowing extravaganza are all black for some reason:P )

Pinata time- we chose a pull string one this time, cuz 10 boys with a baseball bat seemed more than we could handle;) 


Finally, presents...too many presents;)

My son is still awake at 9pm.  He just can't wind down.  He is exhausted, but still full of excitement.  He is so sweet.  He's thanked me repeatedly.  His love tank is very full tonight and I am grateful for the opportunity to fill it.  

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  1. His face says it all. :) Love the ways you bless your kids, friend.