Thursday, October 25, 2012


Tomorrow we depart for our trip to meet the beloved little boy we've been gazing at through pictures and falling in love with from afar.  I can't quite articulate how I am feeling; it changes.  I do know I am almost giddy with excitement.  I have trouble concentrating and will find myself tearing up at random heart knows how very special and miraculous an experience we've been on and it've almost overwhelming.

I don't know why God chose us to parents any of our children, let alone Christian, but I look at his precious little face and I feel so grateful for the privilege.  My heart swells with love.  I am thankful for the miracle of adoption and the privilege of being apart of the miracle.

I've been overwhelmed this week with support- OVERWHELMED.  I will certainly get to writing "thank you's" upon return, but today I just want to testify to the beauty that is the body of Christ, that is friendship.  This week, I've recieved phone message, texts, facebook messages, and emails just letting me know that we are covered in prayer.  The bible says that where two are three are gathered in prayer, there God is.  Do you know how IN this God is?  I've known it from the beginning, but each time someone prays for me or tells me they are praying for us, I am reminded- He is all over every part of this thing.  I am amazed.

I've received blessed advice from adoptive mothers who've gone before and from folks who've been to Haiti before.  People have blessed us with cards, unexpected financial gifts, beautiful personally done artwork, and YUMMO pecan rolls.  Ava's teacher switched around "Teddy Bear Day" so Ava can participate before we leave at noon tomorrow.  Marc's coworker gave us a check and asked that we use it to meet a need we see in Haiti.  I literally cry just thinking of how OVERFLOWING my love tank is right now;)  We have been in Sheboygan two and a half years.  In January, I begged God for people to live life with, it is only October and I see that he has answered in abundance.  Isn't that his way.  I am in awe.

Adoption is a miracle and yet as I read posts like this, I know that it is also difficult at times.  It can rock your family and your world.  I am so thankful God isn't asking us to embark alone- he is leading so many of you to walk along side us, lifting us up in prayer.

I cannot wait to blog (there's wifi at the guesthouse in Haiti;) and share our journey with you.  I thank each and every prayer warrier and look forward to continuing to share this journey with you.

Thank you, Muchas Gracias, Merci, di ou mèsi!


  1. Kim, I don't know if I've expressed this to you before, but I am so grateful for your transparency through out all of this. Most of us will never get to experince what you are going through, but to be reminded, and shown how God is moving mountains for this small child is such a thing of beauty. To see your small...and big prayers answered gives me moments to rejoice everytime I read your posts. I am grateful to God for strategically placing your family just around the corner, for bringing your story to coincide with mine. Thanks so much for sharing <3

  2. In Hong Kong now and csn finally post comments on blogs!!! Been thinkkng about you and praying for you so much these past few days!!!! Cannot wait to hear about your time with your Treasure!