Friday, August 31, 2012

First Grade!

YIPPEE!!!  It's the First Day of School!

Someone's growing up fast and little sister is desperate to be just like her; she watches her every move;)

 Where has time gone?  My chubby baby girl has somehow turned into a beautiful young lady.  

 It does this mamas heart good to see she still is dwarfed by a full size back pack- a reminder that she's big, but still little;)

Chloe was none to happy to be excluded from these pictures and even more upset when Ava left for school!

Phin was very excited for Ava in the morning.  He kept saying, "I'm so happy for you to be in First Grade, Ava!"...but the whole day and every day since he has asked over and over (AND OVER) again when Ava is coming home!  He has REALLY missed her!

 She had a great first day and week that followed.  I am so proud of my little girl.  She has a soft heart.  After a really difficult year in kindergarten we saw her confidence waver.  She had trouble with one little girl and everything we taught her didn't work.  Kind words didn't work, creative problem solving didn't work.  It was crushing to her.  It was devastating to watch her learn first hand that not everyone is nice and not everyone will like you.  Summer break was good for Ava; she thrived in soccer and art camp and we saw her confidence in friendships return.  The little girl has switched schools and I am glad that there will be less drama for Ava this year.  She has really taken off in her reading in the last few weeks and is eager to continue progressing.  When asked about her favorite part of the first day, she replied in an almost magical tone, "Oh, mom!  I looked through my math and science books.  There are lots of things in there I don't know yet and I get to learn it this year!!!"  She is a smart little girl and love learning just for the sake of knowledge.  I love that about her.  She appreciates the wonder of creation and loves discovering the hows and whys of life.  She is a good friend and appreciates the values in others.  I am excited to see her thrive this year and continue growing into the lady God created her to be!


  1. I"m so happy to see her year off to such a great start :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love the picture of chloe attempting to copy Ava-adorable :) So proud of Ava-she has the sweetest heart :) Can't wait to catch up with her and hear all about school from her perspective :)-Karla

  3. Awe, so sweet - love, love, love the first day of school photos! So great that Ava's school year is off to a good start! And, what a fun silly supper ~ super creative, Kim!

  4. As I so often do, I find myself smiling and thanking God for your family. While we're in different seasons of life right now, I'm thankful that I get to catch glimpses of these sweet days and remember through you. I'm discovering with each changing season that God is faithful and keeps His promises. And each one is so, so good. Take it all in and enjoy, friend. XO

  5. Praise Jesus! It's it always a wonder the works He does. So glad she can start the year fresh. Nothing beats a problem removed!
    Also love the photos of the other kids. Must be lonely without Ava there!