Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Smoothies for breakfast in honor of Phin's special day....



....no cheers.  A very sad little man, who has decided he isn't going to school.
We then had a discussion about nervousness and in talking he was able to remember the things he is looking forward to doing in school.  I thought I might help him out further, so I told him I would kiss his palms and he could put his hand on his cheek whenever he missed mommy and it would be just like I was giving him a kiss.  His response?  a look or mortification that clearly communicated that at three he already knows I am a dork.  Then he said, "I won't miss you mommy."  I replied, "I will sure miss you, buddy and Chloe will too."  he then stated, "I might miss Papa, but I won't miss you girls."  Ha ha!

Picture one- he popped up four fingers all on his own.
Mommy:  That's a cool idea buddy but you aren't 3, your 4.
Phin:  I am closer to 4 than three now mommy and I don't have any half fingers.

Chloe needed the pacifier this morning to get through the picture...one sad little lady.

Back packs...and a two year old back fittin' right in!:)

And then our little photo shoot in an effort to get a good photo...but he was too excited to stand still- the little booger;)

Yep a happy little clam...

And just for memories sake, here is some of his handiwork:
He had to color this shoe for the wall at school.  It's the 1st time he's written his name with the "eas" at the end...the "s" was "tricky"

This is Phin and Papa.  He put it on the fridge and when I asked, "Is that you and Papa?"  He answered in the affirmative and then told me "You and the girls are on the back"

When I flipped it over, he said, "Your arm is really long so it can reach around to hold Papa's hand cuz you and Papa love each other."   (Yep, my eyes got a bit teary...if there is only one thing my kids remember about growing up, aside from God's love and salvation, may it be that their parents loved each other!)

Another little step toward independence...We're proud of our little munchkin;)


  1. Oh, so many milestones for a mama's heart. Love his family pic and all it represents. XOXO

  2. Beckett wore the same shirt for his first day of Pre-K! Well, after he peed on the first shirt he was wearing. :) Pictures are great.