Friday, August 3, 2012

Espesyal Dine Ayisyen

Tonight was a silly supper that was not so silly, but oh so special.  It was our Special Haitian Dinner or in Kreyol, "Espesyal dine Ayisyen".

I picked a few Haitian Recipes to try that I thought might be kid friendly and bought each member of the family a special gift to wear while we are waiting to bring our precious boy home.

Our Menu

Riz National
-Haitian Style Rice and Beans are AMAZING!  (The recipe has bacon in it- how could it possible be bad?;)

Bannann Peze
-Twice fried Green thick potato chips...they are quite nice.

Gateau au Beurre
-Traditional butter cake (contains two cups of butter and 7 eggs...again, guaranteed goodness)

Our center peice was the Haitian Flag and Each placemat was a Haitian Coloring Page.  Each Place had a special gift for the kids and us to wear as a symbol that Christian is with us in our hearts even though the miles between us are long.

Each of the kids got a pendant that is a map of Haiti with a line with Port au Prince (where Christian lives currently) highlighted
I got Marc a funky cuff that says, "Haiti"..but I failed to get a great picture;P

I got a very, very special necklace...I am crazy about it.

That is the silhouette of Haiti with Christians name, the silhouette of the USA with Ava Phin and Chloe and as you can see the center says, "Love has no boundaries."  I love it, love it, love it and can't wait to move from three pieces to two when we bring Christian home and I have his name added to the USA pendant;)


Three special kiddos anxiously waiting for their special little brother to take his seat at our Silly Suppers.


  1. what a great idea, so awesome, and now I'm crying :)

  2. So very sweet.........what a blessing for ALL of you!! You really have great ideas to celebrate very special moments! Paulette

  3. What a wonderful idea! Little Christian is so blessed to have you guys for a family.

  4. I dunno if the time will ever come when I stop getting all teary-eyed when I read about your treasure and the beautiful ways God is preparing your hearts to welcome him home. I'm so thankful that---from the beginning of time---God chose him to be in your family. And we all get the blessing of sharing in and watching as this beautiful miracle called adoption unfolds. Love you guys!