Friday, August 17, 2012

Boys will be Boys and Girls will be...well, Girls;)

A few snapshots from our home yesterday.  I love them;)

 Phineas and Conner sticking Veggie Straws up there noses.  It was so hilarious, I couldn't even begin the "we don't stick things in our noses conversation."  Thankfully, it was Veggie Staws and not peas;)

Phin quickly moved from merely sticking them into his nose to eating them from his nose.  Completely disgusting and yet...hysterical.

The girls, though they did try the old "veggie straw in the nose trick" after laughing at the boys, moved on to well...girlish things.  They put on a fashion show.  Julia, the announcer, can  barely be seen behind Ava, but she did a stellar job and boy did Chloe work the catwalk!

This was my favorite of Ava.  The froofy dog completely tops off the outfit.

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