Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mexico with my Man

I must admit I had some preconceived judgements about Cancun.  We ended up escaping there because our SPG points were usable there and the flights to Cancun in August are much more reasonable than most US destinations.  I think of "spring break" when I hear Cancun and I think of "excruciating heat" when I hear "Mexico in August".  My judgements were incorrect.  First, I had no idea Cancun could be a family destination.  Our Westin Resort is a time share property so the rooms are apartments.  Many families were there.  They have a kids club and miniature golf and a kid pool.  The mall across the street had a couple restaurants with playgrounds in the middle of them or next to the eating area...making dining with children doable for families and many of the activities are SUPER kid friendly.  It didn't feel trashy at all where we were (and we didn't venture to the area with night clubs and such;)  Heat?  It was about the same weather as we've had in Sheboygan this summer...if not a little cooler.  High's were in the mid to high 80s.  It was very pleasant...especially in the shade where my pale behind hangs out;)

I was just excited to hang with my honey; the pleasant weather and atmosphere were icing on the cake:)

We had a GREAT time;)  We spent a day on the beach, a day having an adventure, and a day by the pool.  We had plenty of rest, plenty of time to read and to chat.  We deliberately avoid too much TV watching and spent the evening talking and playing cards.  We were gone long enough to rest and miss our children...but not too long to where the missing turned to guilt;)  Our kids did well in our absence, thanks to my in laws!

I am just so thankful to still enjoy spending time with my husband.  We have fun together and we can just be...he's a gift! 

I have long been aware that I have a fear of snakes, I have learned this week, that I also am not so comfortable around large lizards.  When I was absorbed in my book, Marc noticed a little friend who came to share my shade.  Instead of freaking me out (wise use of restraint on his part), he calmly said, "Kim, don't freak out- just look to your left."  Um...creeped out doesn't begin to describe my internal angst.

The favorite part of our trip was our "adventure day".  We wanted to take some time to do something we couldn't do if we had kids in tow.  It was really fun to laugh together and conquer fear.

Before the zipline the stop you for this photo picture, but know what?  I don't like birds so much either.  This made me want to vomit;)
My Tarzan
(unfortunately there is no photographic proof but I did one zipline hanging upside down; I did it solely because I knew Marc would be impressed that I overcame fear and I didn't want to later regret fear stopping me from the full experience. I much preferred upright ziplining, but I was glad I did it...I felt impressed with myself;)

Next, was off-roading in these crazy vehicles...Marc made the mistake of driving first.  He thought it funny to get me a little muddy.  Later, he learned the joke was on him...I love a good dose of mud, but nothing better than terrifying your husband with your driving.  My antics made his seat belt pop open and I think he must have said, "Seriously, Kim, you are going to flip this thing." a dozen times.  Someone forgot that when we offr-oaded years ago in jeep was by far the muddiest at the end;)

Spa mud bath or off-roading?  off-roading any day for me;)

The final stop was a visit to swim in this Cenote.  It was BEAUTIFUL and so refreshing...not to mention a great was to wash off the mud;)

Cheers to an amazing get away...I am so thankful for time alone with my very best friend and the time we spent together with the One who holds our family together. 


  1. What a fun trip - so glad you got a chance to get away for a little babymoon!