Friday, August 24, 2012

The Unexpected Gift

This morning we were supposed to have a park meet up for my mom's group.  It was scheduled for the park that sits near the beach.  As we were leaving, I decided to quickly throw the kids swimsuits and towels in the bag just in case anyone else decided to meander onto the beach and into the water.

Today only one other mom ended up coming (I don't think the beach is a popular site for moms with kids under three;).  We both had suits for our kids so it turned into a beach day.  An unexpected morning at the beach- My kids were thrilled and I felt blessed- I sat on a towel and fellowshipped with my super cool friend Laura and our kids played.   It was easy, fun, and relaxing.  Last summer, it would have been chaos with my two littles, but at the end of this summer Phin is independent and Chloe is getting there.  It was the perfect way to spend our last Friday morning before school starts.  It was unplanned and perfect.  I LOVE when God throws little gifts like that my way!

The Park

Where does time go?  This is my baby?

What a beauty Ava is becoming!

He totally knows he's cute;)

Happily obsessed with Dora;)

These two are pure fun and pure mischief...but I wouldn't trade their relationship for anything!

The Beach 

I KNOW!  She's adorable;)

It's hard to get this little guy to stay still long enough for a picture;)

Ava is definitely born for the water.

I don't think there is anywhere else she'd rather be;)

My little girl starts 1st grade on Tuesday I am going to miss this 
smile during the day!!


Sand Fights (I am guessing this is a boy thing;)

Happily filthy.
 Just two months ago this little one hated the sand and found the water too cold...

 How times have changed;)

She walked with such purpose while building her sand creation;) 

When my kids are fighting, there is nothing worse, but when they are playing together and loving one another, my heart is blessed beyond measure.  Brothers and sisters are truly gifts!

I've said it before, I'll say it again- My cup overflows;)


  1. awesomeness, praying for Christian and Haiti!

  2. Glad you had such a great beach day!