Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Silly Supper

 Summer flew too quickly for me.  Before I knew it, school time had arrived.  My heart began to grieve a bit at the loss of time as the school year approached. My little girl will now be in school all day five days a week.  How we will miss her around the house!

Ava, of course, has no sense of grief;)  She has been counting down the days to first grade.  I determined early last week that we would make the most of our last week of summer break and decided I'd plan a Back to School silly supper for the night before her first day.  Soon, the kids joy at the fun activies and Ava's excitement about school caught like wildfire to my soul.  It was a week of celebration and my heart is full.

Here are some photos of our Back to School Silly Supper;)

See that jar of Chalk?  It's edible:)

Found these accidentally in the candy aisle at Walmart and I instantly became giddy at their resemblance to chalk;)

Decorating this one was SUPER fun for me (obviously).  The color red just makes me happy and so do school supplies;)


I made ballon apples for the chairs.
I got this super cute "Reading is Fun" banner for 88cents at Walmart and it will migrate to our playroom reading corner in the near future.  I used flashcard boxes to house the silverware and got old fashioned writing strips to write names on just like teacher did on our desks when I was young.
Our fare was ABC & 123 pasta, I made pencils out of a bugle, cheesestick, and cube of ham.  We also had letter Cheezits, and apples.


Ava had a bit of a headache (allergies!), but didn't let it ruin her fun.

Dessert was again a pencil, made from a covered roll of Rolos, a strawberry marshmallow eraser, and a Caramel Hershey kiss tip.  I also make an eraser form one of those square marshmallows Kraft is making;)

We LOVE marshmallows 'round here;)

I love that my husband and kids love silly suppers as much as I do;)

Me and my precious Ava.

This is the smile we'll miss during the day;)

I love how excited the kids were about Rolos, because they remind me of my mom- she loves them;)

My little guy was deterined to get "these chalks" to work- ha ha;)
It was another fun evening a memories and definitely a Silly Supper we'll do every year!


  1. You are such a fun mom! Keep it up!:)

  2. How fantastic! I LOVE the edible chalk-what a find!! One of these times, I would love to be in attendance for your silly supper! :)- Karla

  3. You rock Kim! Just read Prov 31 yesterday and this blog made me think of "She smiles at the future." It is bittersweet to watch them grow up. Thanks for posting. xoxo, Beth