Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pray for our Boy and Haiti

Please be in prayer for Christian and for the country of Haiti.  Tropical Storm Isaac is projected to gain strength and hit Haiti with Hurricane force Friday evening or Saturday morning.  It could be devastating for Haiti.  There are still many people living in tent cities and it is very susceptible to flooding and mud slides.

I am praying a lot.  I am very glad to know a Omnipresent God who is with Christian when we cannot be.  I am praying that though at 15 months he can't understand what is going on, that the Holy Spirit will envelop him in peace and surround him with Guardian angels.  I am praying for all of the orphans in Haiti for God to grant them supernatural peace and hold them when there are no parents to wrap their arms around them when they are afraid.  Please pray for these vulnerable children- many of whom are on the streets.  God sees each one of them.  My three children, who are home, are frightened of a little lightning or strong winds, imagine the fear children can endure when they aren't enveloped in a sturdy home and have no parents room to run to for comfort.  They have great need for the God of all Comfort and he is more than big enough to meet their needs.

Please pray for the storm to lessen instead of intensity.  God is MORE than capable of calming the storm and even commanding it to cease.  Please join me in prayer.


  1. You guys have been ever on my heart since hearing the forecast, and I'm praying fervently for each need represented. Praying that our God calms the storm off the coast of Haiti and brings peace to your heart. Love you guys... XO

  2. Praying, praying, praying ... big hugs to you.