Saturday, July 28, 2012


I love the Olympics.  LOVE THEM!  I enjoy watching all the sports and I love the background stories and seeing the triumph on winners faces.  It'll occupy most of our next couple weeks.  OLYMPIC MANIA has begun.

Last night we had our small group here for Opening Ceremonies.  Everyone has teenagers except us and let me tell you- watching it with teenagers is great fun.  Commentary in fake British accents made the time brilliant fun I didn't take a group picture;)  I did take pictures of the food- turn out my friends are just as big of fans...

I made Go USA PUNCH:) probably something few people would appreciate...but my friends do...

 They got equally into the fun- Nikki brought Baklava and Greek Salad- ya know, cuz the Olympics are rooted in Greece and Heidi brought fruit pizzas in honor of the host country and in support of Team USA...we also had our Sheboygan version of British Bangers and Mash- Brats and Potato Wedges;)

We let our children stay up a little late and watch the show and part of the parade of countries, but they had to retire about the time Jamaica was making their appearance.  This morning, we let them see the recording from Team USA's enterance through the torch lighting.

Seeing the torch assemble last night was cool- seeing my kids amazed at it- even cooler;)

Then in true Aneed Silly Supper Tribute- we had an Olympic Breakfast:)
USA pancakes and berries

Our Olympic torch (made with pancake, scambled eggs, and fruit loops- THANKS pinterest;)



  1. You are a fun Mom!! :)


  2. love it! so glad you guys enjoyed the festivities! :) Karla