Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sometimes "Thank You" seem inadequate!

Today Chloe had her ear vents put in (otherwise known as "tubes"). It is a day that is hard to describe.

Chloe has been on antibiotics 15 times since September. She is often irritable and has had many a rough night. With antibiotics, she tends to get a sad tummy, diarrhea, and yeasty diaper rash problem-despite trying to combat it with lots of yogurt and probiotics. She has thankfully never had a rupture and she surprisingly has talked on schedule, though some of her words weren't quite right. She calls me "nana" instead of Mama and says "dye dye" instead of "bye bye" for example. When we saw the ENT, she had zero vibration on her tympanogram- which indicated ears completely full of fluid. Her drums hadn't been damaged so she could hear, but basically walked around hearing the world as you or I would if our head was in a bucket of water. She began walking a few steps here and there weeks ago, but never has done more than six or seven steps and it's been about three weeks since starting. She is often clinging and wants mommy and can be especially difficult in the evening.

When I saw the ENT a few weeks ago, he explained the procedure and told me the change in her demeanor may be remarkable, as she quite possible would experience a clear head for the first time in her short life. He said we'd see a dramatic improvement in her speaking and balance. He did mention this improvement would be immediate. I guess I didn't get how immediate "immediate" would be!

We had to be at the hospital at 6am. Her procedure was at 7:30. They picked her up about 7:20 and brought her back at 7:45. She was traumatized and I can honestly tell you I don't know HOW parents deal with long term hospitalizations or more major surgeries. She had zero needle pricks and they used a gas mask anesthetic. The only truly harsh part was the one minute they restrained her while first administering the anesthetic. Because of this, she was so upset upon waking and screamed whenever anyone in scrubs entered our room. She was hungry and hard to calm and it was the longest two hours of my life. I felt so badly for her. Still it was only a few hours and we were HOME at 8:50am.

She was a bit cranky for a couple hours, but started to perk up about lunch time. She had a good afternoon nap and I barely recognize the little girl who woke up this afternoon. Chloe is a sweet child and has been playful but the absolutely delightful, smiley, full of life toddler who is now in our home, we have never seen before. She is HAPPY- very happy and playful and chattier than ever. Her words IMPROVED TODAY- how is that even possible?! She is calling me "mama" very clearly. It is absolutely amazing. Even more amazing- she is walking everywhere. With stumbles, of course, but barely crawling now. Can get right back up and is up to like 20 steps. Truly, it feels like a miracle took place today. She is just very obviously not in any discomfort. She is more delightful than I could ever have imagined her- though certainly she was a delight before. I am just humbled and at a loss for words. I am so very thankful because what is clear tonight is how uncomfortable my baby girl has been for the last year. Thank God for providing an excellent doctor and technology to free her from her clogged ears. Modern Medicine is remarkable and I am so so very thankful.


  1. kim i am SO happy for you!! this is HUGE!!! YAy God!

  2. Oh my goodness! I justt want to cry reading this! poor baby...I can only imagine how you must feel as a mom also knowing how uncomfortable she has been-hard for you too! i am so happy for little Chloe now-I feel like we should have party to celebrate! WHAT an amazing kid-to think how happy she was most of the time living in that state....can't wait to see her and give her a big hug! xoxo Aunt Karla :)

  3. Rejoicing and thanking God with you, friend! Big hugs to Chloe and her mama! ~ Nikki

  4. Again, I rejoice at the new life you will be experiencing! So thankful for good health for our little Chloe! Hugs!

  5. AMAZING! What an amazing change. Yay for happy tots!