Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Children...

Dear Children-

Though I find your faces absolutely adorable, I do not find much of your behavior to be so. When Chloe throws her cup of yogurt across the kitchen when she says, "All done", inside I want to throw it back. When Phin chews food and discreetly spits it under the table for later discovery, I want to scrape it back onto a plate and serve it for his next meal. When Ava insists on pouring her own milk, because she's too impatient to wait as asked, and the gallon is full and inevitably spills all over my floor, I want to run and hide. When Chloe "somehow" gets a lollipop and leaves it stuck to my living room carpet, inside I am tempted to hit you all over the head with lollipops. When Phineas washes his entire clothed body at the bathroom sink, and soaks the floor in the process, thereby giving me yet another floor to mop and another load of towels to dry, I want to throw him in the dryer himself for a good tumble. When Ava is in artist mode and gets paint all over, I fail to see the beauty.

Here's the thing guys, mommy is tired. I am tired, yes. I know you never get tired, as evidenced by your constant rotation of night wakings. The secret it- ADULTS GET TIRED. I chose to love you on a daily basis. Sometimes that choice is hard to swallow! Yes, you have many lovable moments in a day, but some of your mischief is starting to tip the love scales, my little friends. I have had many a moment where I've been tempted to give you away, so now you've been forewarned. If you hear someone yell, "She's going to blow" YOU guys might want to get out of the way, because they may be referring to me.

Your possible insane mother

*Note to reader- this is intended as a humorous exaggeration of my currents feelings of frustration. It is not meant to be taken literally. I love the little boogers that I birthed and wouldn't trade them for the world...even on their worst days.

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