Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So long Discouragement...

I've been feeling weird. I know part of it's PMS- let's just be honest about that. I also know I had a really busy, stressful week last week, so I am coming off that adrenaline at the moment. What is also, true, however, is that I've been feeling discouraged. Today I had a good cry- there were two birthday parties in Chicago this weekend. For the first time- we weren't invited. We've been building here and separating from there, and I am aware that the process has been too gradual at times. Still this morning the separation felt gaping. I wallowed in my sadness for a few minutes and then the Holy Spirit started speaking truth to my heart. I am not alone. I have a wonderful family. More than that, we ARE building community here. Last night, I was out until 10 with some lovely ladies and I enjoyed every moment and every one of them- they are great. They are friends. Less than 18 months ago, I couldn't have mustered up one playdate for Ava here. She's had playdates two days in a row. Phin also had one this morning. I am busy, busy, busy and last year spent much of my time alone. God has been REALLY good to us here. I feel like it's been a battle the last few weeks to fight insecurity and discouragement. I spent some time praying about it today. I know the battle isn't over, but I also know what is true. I am chosing to focus on Truth and keep turning my eyes towards Christ. The Discourager may offer whispers, but he's also the Father of Lies...I am girding up my Belt of Truth and saying, "goodbye" to self pity, discouragement, and such.


  1. Love you! I'm walking this journey right along with you!

  2. I think we all go through these seasons but seldom talk about it - thanks for sharing! God can and does work wonders - even in ordinary, daily lives!

  3. I love your honesty and your open heart. God is pleased with your whole heart for Him. I think every woman goes through these same feelings and I'm praising God you are using it to focus more on Him. Hugs to you.