Thursday, August 25, 2011

Possibly and impossible task

Phineas has had hoarseness of voice since mid April. The doctor attributed it originally to allergies, but it worsened with Claritin, so we went to see the ENT yesterday. I have to say my son was amazing. He was so compliant with the prodding and poking and sat very still and cooperated with a Endoscope even though it was obvious by his facial grimaces, that it was uncomfortable and taking all his self control to sit still and offer his little nose.
The ENT found that Phin has nodules on both his vocal chords. This is apparently not uncommon in high energy little boys. They overuse their voice much of the time and callus type things develop. The only way to get rid of them is to retrain them to use their voice properly. We now have to keep reminding Phin to speak softly- no screaming, no yelling, no singing or laughing loudly. But he shouldn't be whispering.
Thus far is has been hysterical. He isn't annoyed with us yet, and I hope it stays that way. I already feel like a broken record. Never before did I notice just how often this kid speaks boisterously. He just lives life LOUDLY in all ways. He is full of energy and teaching him restraint in this area is a TALL ORDER:) To be honest, I am skeptical that this is even doable with a 2 1/2 year old, but since there isn't really a choice...guess which mommy is just going to do her best and get on her knees yet again before the great Healer and source of all wisdom and strength?!


  1. OK, I really don't envy you the job of keeping him quiet - I can't even picture how I'd go about that! I've taught a couple of students with nodules, and re-learning speech patterns is tough even for determined adults with careers on the line. But kudos to you for getting it checked out; I think a lot of moms would just figure it was hoarse little-boy voice and write it off.

  2. So does this mean he doesn't have to have his tonsils out?

  3. yes, his tonsils are a little enlarged and probably causing the snoring, but the hoarse voice is not related and therefore we'll hold off on any surgical procedures for those....