Tuesday, August 9, 2011


OK, my husband says my previous post makes him sound like he was creepy. OOPS. He really wasn't creepy. He is most concerned about the part where I said we were kissing and dating and he made it clear we were "just friends". In light of the recent "friends with benefits" movie that is out- I want to clarify that it most definitely wasn't a situation like that;) He was still somewhat respectful, just very passionate (verbally) one moment and yet afraid to let the world know he felt that way. I edited the post to try and explain that better. Just to clarify- he most definitely wasn't creepy, just immature and dense at times;) I still can't believe I was able to through his density, but so glad God allowed me too;) He's awesome, I know that, I assume everyone knows that, but for his dear sake, I wanted to clarify that.

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