Thursday, August 11, 2011


Eleven years ago, I made a friend while at a place called Camp Chai near the Wisconsin Dells. I was by far the youngest nurse working there and dear Heather thought she came to be a camp counselor. On her arrival, she was told she would be working the desk in the health center;) Pretty quickly, I knew I had a friend for life. She's just one of the good people you know you want to know;)

She has visited me quite a few times. We traveled together a bit a year after Marc and I were married and she came for a week after Ava was born. She also visited Chicago a couple times while a flight attendant for Virgin Airlines. I had never been able to make a trip to see her in England. Last summer she got married. There was no way I was missing her wedding.....that is until I found out I was pregnant and due two weeks before the big day;P There was no way to get a birth certificate in time, let alone a passport, so I had to miss the nuptials and settle for enjoying the beautiful photos.

I had to meet her man, I knew that much for certain. I planned to go in fall or spring, but a couple months after her wedding, she gave me a ring and asked me if I could wait to come until summer. Why? because she was to have a baby!!! YAY!!

Last week, I had the priviledge of traveling alone to England to meet her hubby and little boy, Dylan. It was a quick trip (I didn't feel I could leave Chloe too long), but a WONDERFUL trip. Her husband is great and Dylan stole my heart. Here are a few photos from my incredible trip;)

Dylan! (I loved this picture in black and white- he looks so British this way;) perhaps because he IS British?)

Heather and Oli's quaint english cottage. It is called "Melville". I love that the British name their homes and the name is even on the much more charming than house numbers, don't you think?!

Normally, I take my afternoon tea black with sugar(yes, I truly do have tea [with chocolate] every afternoon) , but in England felt inclined to "fit in" and add a little's lovely!

I gained two lbs. on my trip because I LOVE SCONES WITH REAL CLOTTED CREAM. Can't find it in the states, we substitue whipped cream at our "teas" and really it doesn't begin to compare. This is the consistency of cream cheese, but it's cream and it's heavenly!!

A view of the country side near Heather's home!

On Sunday we went for a picnic at Wisley Gardens (their botanic gardens)

They had this whole area where they use wires to force trees to grow in certain shapes and flat. FASCINATING! Perhaps I can do it hear and make my own garden maze?

Main Building at Wisley Gardens. A former estate from some old lord.

Afterwards we stopped for cokes at this amazing pub.

On Monday we went shopping in Guilford (the largest town near her). It was CHARMING!


  1. How Fun Kim! Good for you for getting out and even abroad! I'm so jealous.

    I LOVE clotted cream and lemon curd on a scone. I indulge at Christmas time. Whole foods sells the clotted cream (p/u on next city trip), TJ's the lemon curd. Scones you could whip up in your kitchen.

    You know, I'm going to think of you each time I get clotted cream! Cheers.

  2. first, awesome that you had a UK adventure and you look adorable in all pics!! second, our old team mates live in Guilford- crazy eh?