Friday, August 12, 2011

A Mess Reflected

One of my strengths is keeping house. I like order and tend to keep our abode in pretty good shape. As I sat down at the computer a moment ago, however, I stopped to take at the current state of my kitchen. It's a mess, pure and simple and it reflects so much of me at the moment. My mind is scattered, I am behind on sleep. I am unmotivated yet I look around WANTING everything to be in order.
The truth is until I get my behind movin' my mind probably won't settle, the housework definitely won't get done and life won't feel normal. I thrive on order. The disorer of the moment is paralyzing. Because I usually do a bit better job of this homemaking thing, I am finding I don't know where to begin and having a bit more sympathy for friends who find homemaking out of their comfort zone. Once it's out of order- it feels impossible to fix. I can't help but think how this reflects sin. So often, I let so called "small" sins slide and soon there is more sin and before I know it, I can't see Christ- I can only see the crap I've let cloud my vision and I don't know where to begin to get "right" again. Just like my house, it is by going through piece by piece and tossing things out or putting something in it's right place. Laziness doesn't bode well for homemaking and it certainly doesn't bode well for my spiritual life. So today, right now actually, I am going to just start somewhere, anywhere and chip away at the disorder so that life feels like living again. While I'm at it, I am going to ask God to reveal the mess of my heart to me and hopefully at the end of this day, my house won't be the only beautiful thing God sees.
Dishes...neglectd since Wednesday- we went out to dinner last night or it would be far worse.
The remnants of lunch (notice the fast food containers- a sign of complete laziness yet again!) and a few art projects...the box in the back is a "Fairy Home" created by Ava. Cute- but it's been sitting there over a week!
Perhaps most pitiful is all this stuff from TUESDAY's trip to Costco that has yet to be put away.


  1. You go girl...showing us pics of your mess. Love it! I have some doozies (sp?). Your post puts into words EXACTLY what I've been feeling....chaotic, messy and lazy heart, mind and home. Argh!

  2. This is a great post and so very true. This is just exactly how I feel sometimes-WANTING to have order in my house and spiritual life and yet sometimes overwhelmed by where to begin. You put is so well! Thanks for putting it to words and once again, encouraging others that they are not alone! so glad you DID get it together-hoping I can do the same! :) Karla