Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life as I know it

Life as I know it at the moment is busy and messy. We are living in a delicate balance of peace and chaos. We are experiencing joy and walking with our friends through some pain. There is so much happening, I think it will take a year to process it all. What I can process easily at the moment is that I have some pretty darn adorable children...even if they aren't sleeping all that great;)

Chloe is taking steps! She's a doll! She is getting playful and silly and appears to be just as outgoing as every other member of this family. Who knew you could have FIVE people that all like to be the center of attention in ONE home. We are FULL of life 'round here to be sure!

I tried to upload video of her first steps but it won't here is a picture of her first ice cream cone;)

Phin is in a run of mischieviousness. He is constantly getting himself into trouble doing the most hilarious things. I literally often have to step out of the room to collect myself before disciplining him. I find him so funny and his face is too precious. He also is starting to have nightmares; no longer do we have one child we can DEPEND on to sleep through the night. He has put himself in the rotation to ensure Marc and I don't get
a full nights sleep.
We thought Phin was in bed sleeping, but NO!, I found him in our shower, with his toys and a bunch of toilet paper. Why? I do not know...simply for mischief I would guess. He certainly though he was well hidden. Unfortunately he didn't take the clear glass shower door into consideration.

Ava is thriving at swimming. I've literally gotten teary watching her in swim lessons. I think we've found something she's naturally gifted at doing. It's such a blessing to watch her displaying such talent and joy in the water. She also is still enjoying her earrings and is all of a sudden looking very much like a young lady and sometimes looks so startlingly beautiful she stops me in my tracks. My baby is far from babyish now!

Ava Playing "chase" with her swimming instructor.

Sheboygan has a fabulous place called Bookworm Gardens. We had a lovely trip there yesterday;)

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  1. You know I love reading about the kids, especially since we are far away now :-) I love reading about their day to day experiences and life in the peace AND chaos. I'm so glad that they will have all these stories to look back on someday. Thanks for posting-I miss it during the time periods when you are too busy to blog :-) -K