Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A morning conversation

While changing Phin's diaper, Chloe saunters into his room, picks up his Woody doll (from Toy Story) and says, "woo-ey"

Phin: MOMMY! Chloe just said, 'Woody'!
Me: Yes, she did. She's very smart.
Phin: I am smart too.
Me: Yes, and Ava is very smart. You are all very smart kids.
Phin: You are not smart.
Me: I sure am smart.
Phin: No, you're not smart and Papa isn't smart either.
Me: Phin, Papa is very smart.
Phin: Nope, Papa used to be smart, but now he goes to work.

How do you answer that? I laughed hysterically. What does my two year old think smart means?;)


  1. I never leave your blog without a smile on my face. :) That boy of yours is absolutely hysterical! ~ Nikki

  2. Hilarious...I must agree being a "grown up" in the work scene can make you dumb (not Marc of course:) but I think he is making a deep observation on life in AMerica :) Go Phin!