Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I could lose 25 lbs. instantly....

It is wonderful to be loved. I know I am fortunate and I have often said that I feel very burdened about loving others because I have been blessed to be loved by so many. "To whom much is given, much will be expected."

The truth is, however, that at the moment, I could use a little less lovin' from my son. I love when he grabs my face and tries to eat my cheek or gets so excited when I get him up in the morning that all four extremities move at 90 miles an hour; I don't love the whining and crying every time I put him down or walk out of the room. The kid weighs over 25 lbs. I refuse to carry him everywhere. Err....I try to refuse. He is cute and he is so darn pitiful when he cries. At what point it is appropriate to tell a kid to grow up and quit being such a mama's boy?

I KNOW I KNOW- "In 16 years [I'll] wish he wanted me nearby". Well, in 16 years, I'll place the blame for his rejection on HIM. Yes, he'll be embarrassed to be seen with me but not because I will ever be a dork. NO, he'll be embarrassed because I'll probably permanently walk with a lean to one side after carrying His Majestly around on my hip for half his life. They tested us for scoliosis in 7th grade, perhaps there should be some kind of a back check for moms of young children. I am sure we could find a congressman to add coverage for crooked backs to the next stimulus plan.

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