Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lesson 254,637 : If you want people to know you are married, wear your wedding ring.

Saturday mornings bring mommy/son time for Phin and Me; we go to Gymboree for music class, while Marc and Ava have papa/daughter time at Soccer class. I was able to do music classes with Ava, so i am thankful to have this opportunity with and for Phin, as well. With Ava, we attended a music class during the week, so I met quite a few stay at home moms and a few nannies. We had plenty of play date opportunities. In this Saturday class, Phin is the only child who doesn't have BOTH parents present. Initially, I thought this was because dads were off and could join, but quickly I learned that all these parents work all week long. We probably won't have many playdates this time me around.

The other thing I quickly noticed in this class is that I was getting a lot of sympathetic looks. I found this curious. My brain was coming up with many a crazy reason for these looks: did they think Phin was older than he was because he is so big and therefore feel bad that he was "behind" OR did they think my jelly belly, that I am so self conscious about, was actually a pregnancy and therefore feel bad for me for having kids so close together? You name it I thought it.

Today one of these sympathetic look givers was a dad; he also kept going out of his way to pay attention to Phin. It was nice and yet quite bothersome. I wanted to say, "Excuse me, sir, I know my son is cute, but we are trying to have quality mommy/son time." I was about five minutes from opening my mouth when I looked at my left hand.

My left hand is bare. It often is. I don't shower, sleep, wash dishes, etc. in my wedding band. Since having Phin I, also, have often taken it off after it scratches him or something. I am so out of the habit of wearing it, I don't even notice anymore. In fact, two weeks ago it took me quite a few minutes to realize a man at Walgreens was hitting on me. I spent a few more minutes wondering what kind of gall it takes to hit on a married woman. Then I almost sat through a green light when I finally realized he thought I was single.

It is time to be vigilant about my marital status. I adore my husband. I hate to think people don't know he exists. This man today was trying to be so nice to my "fatherless" son; oops. Sorry, babe, you are an amazing papa- didn't mean to keep you a secret;)

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  1. I love the new pics, too adorable, I have not seen Phin- he looks soooo much like mhis papa:) love you!