Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good job, now shut up!

Phineas has an adorable little voice. One of my favorite things is to listen to him gab to himself while we drive along in the car. It's just cute. It always makes me wonder if he's really thinking something and trying to talk or just practicing sounds. It is innocent and precious.

Last night, however, his little voice may as well have been a monster. We are on vacation with my family and all sleeping in the same room. Phin and Ava both had trouble going to sleep. They kept laughing at one another and then getting upset that the other was awake. It was ridiculous. Marc and I were exhausted by the time they finally fell asleep. Sleep felt so wonderful and 3 am arrived. Phineas learned to say "Papa" (our name for Marc) at 3 am. Why he coudln't have practiced this during the day is beyond me. But he spent over an hour practicing saying "Papa". He can say it high and he can say it low.

It is officially his first word and while I am proud enough to write it down in his baby book- it wasn't quite as cute as it would have been had it been uttered at a decent time of day. Frankly, I never want to hear him utter "Papa" again. Phin we are proud that you are learning to use your voice- but could you please learn to sleep first?

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