Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Laundry,

Oh Laundry, Oh laundry you must be done, but I would so rather be doing something much more fun!
Where do you come from every week? The size of your piles makes me freak.
You've grown so big since having two kids. If someone else wants to do you, I'm taking bids!
I have some friends who claim to enjoy this chore, but my dear laundry, I think you're a bore.

Every week I fold the same shirts and pants, I'm getting so tired on this same old dance.
And to top if off you like to throw in a stain, scrubbing these out are my existences baine!
Perhaps this means we have too many clothes? We must need to return to days of old.
What did Ma Ingalls do every week? Only two sets of clothes for each person, I think.

I like this idea, but it really won't work, not clothing my kids might make me a "jerk"
and what did Ma do when her kiddos ate? Did they just have food spots on their clothes every day?
There's no real way to solve my complaint; Laundry, you're part of life, even if happy, I ain't
So I continue to scrub, wash, dry, and fold and I'm stuck with you, Laundry, until I am old.

But just for the record, I had to record, that you, o Laundry, really get my gourd.
Consider this my proverbial thumbs down, complete with a ugly scowl and a frown.
On top of that I'm stickin' out my tongue, so take that Mr. Laundry as I get you done.
Yes, that is right, we will NEVER be friends, and I'll always look forward to when you end!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you have a lot of time on your hands! :)

    I'll put in a bid for doing your laundry, since I am one of those friends who enjoys the chore-except today though, when I left the house with the dryer set for only 20 minutes, so when I came home the clothes were still damp, and smelly!