Friday, July 31, 2009


For a long time, I was of the opinion that children were naturally honest. Ava would do something naughty and you'd ask her "Did you ..." and she'd honestly answer, "Yes!" I, in my oh so experienced opinion, thought that was because Marc and I were honest and therefore that kids who lied where copying things they saw in parents or others. I am a dork and obviously have a bit of a pride problem. Ava was just little...she soon got smart and despite being raised in an honest home, she realized that if we don't really know what happened she'd prefer to avoid punishment. It is frustrating because I don't always know when she is lying or telling the truth.

We've been talking a lot about the importance of being honest and if she's honest we definitely lighten the discipine and point out that her honesty made the discipline less than if we caught her lying. We just pray about it and keep point her to what is right.

She is getting the lesson;) Today she showed us just how literally she's taking it. Marc was making her a PB and J sandwich. He dropped the jelly side of the bread face down on the kitchen floor. He said, "shoot!" (Good job, babe- dropping jelly on the floor could easily cause slippage of one's tongue.) Ava then asked, "What happened, Papa?" To which her Papa replied, "Oh, Nothing!"

Ava then walked over shaking her head ever so slightly and said very calmly. "Papa, I think you are being rude. If something happens and you say nothing happens then that is a lie. That is not nice." OH MY! Marc remained calm and apologized before explaining that he didn't mean to lie, but meant that nothing important happened. I, meanwhile, was laughing so hard I snorted...thankfully making it to another room before Ava witnessed my hilarity.

She's definitely getting the truth message as well as "using her words". AYE YAYE YAYE! She's only three...

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