Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't choke on the foot, Babe;)

Marc and I had another meeting/interview with out social worker today.  She was asking us about our marriage.  She asked Marc, "What attracted you to Kim?"  This is the interaction that followed.  He told the story of the first time he really noticed me (I was singing) and that he thought I was "the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in real life"  (Pause for the "aw!" your sure to utter;).  He then said, "I never wanted to marry a girl who would be a door mat.  I wanted a girl with guts and backbone."  I interjected, "he just didn't know he was getting more of that than he bargained for!"  Marc looked at me inquisitively, "More gut?"  

Imagine, shocked look upon my face, followed by hysterical laughter.  I was talking about more back bone.  How does one take back insulting your wife's belly?  One doesn't. I almost cried I was laughing so hard.  Poor guy scrambled to try to make it better.  I think the social worker completely enjoyed watching the whole thing.  

To be fair, I actually am NOT offended.  I know my husband finds me completely attractive, jelly potbelly and all.  I will reserve the right to bring it up a few more times over the next 40 years, however-- it's fun to watch him squirm and try to explain:)


  1. Okay - that is pretty awesome! And hilarious!

  2. what??!! I am just reading this now and read it aloud to Jason, funny and ridiculous all at the same time...Marc Aneed! I can't believe he said that! :) Well, it shows another good thing about you actually. some girls would never have enough security about themselves or confidence to take that-marc knows all in all that you do so maybe that's why he wasn't more careful....good thing for him you are a secure person! :) Karla