Monday, April 9, 2012

He is Risen!!!

Our Easter weekend didn't turned out quite as planned.  The adorable outfits I'd purchased for my children remained on hangers in closets as sickness took over our home.  Still, even in PJ's with snotty noses, we were able to celebrate our risen Savior!

Chloe's first time painting her "Thank You, Jesus" Cross 

Before we know it, her's will be all neat and pretty just like big sisters 

Phin kept telling Chloe, "Jesus died on the cross, Chloe, he did!"

Putting our pipe cleaner Jesus in the tomb after talking about the crucifixion

sealed tightly...

Putting our pictures at the foot of the cross....because Jesus died for each of us

That was Friday.....BUT next came SUNDAY.  HE IS RISEN!!!!!!

It was fun to open the resurrection eggs and see how much more of the story the children recite along with us...more and more each year!

Resurrection rolls for breakfast in celebration of an empty tomb.  Praise you, Jesus!  You conquered the grave.

(Note- I didn't write in detail about each activity because I have blogged about it before here;)

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  1. What a precious, meaningful weekend of remembering Jesus' death and resurrection. :)