Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pinkalicious Party!!!

Saturday was Ava's 6th birthday party.  I cannot believe she's six!  She counted down the days to her party and she's still talking about it almost a week later.  I pray she never outgrows the thrill she finds in celebration.  The theme this year as Pinkalicious.  Pinkalicious is a children's book series; the title book is about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink.

My baby has grown into a beautiful little lady. 

 Our table- cupcakes matching the ones in the book, strawberries, pink cupcake marshmallows, star sandwiches on pink homemade bread, pink iced animal crackers, strawberries, pink lemonade....and non pink chips;)

As guests were arriving, the girls colored Pinkalicious  pictures.  While they were coloring, I read them the book Pinkalicious

Auntie Karla and baby sister, Chloe;) 

Game numero uno- Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake....made by my friend Nicole (who did a Pinkalicious party last year; I totally stole her theme and this game) 

Musical Chairs with music from Pinkalicious the Musical 

Next, I read the girls Pinkalicious and the Hat Parade

Then we headed into the dining room to make our own hats. 

They had a wide array of supplies to design from... 

Here is Ava's custom creation;) 

Then we had our own little hat parade.  We chanted "Pink is Perfect! Pink is Perfect!" 


My kids never tire of a bit of dancing....Phin was completely unphased by being the only boy present;) 

 Lunch is served!

Blowing out the candles....

I love my daughter; Sure she gets so excited at birthday parties she kind of forgets her manners and is a bit too hyper for my taste, but she also is so thankful and delighted by the smallest things.  She is a sweet little girl who loves life, loves her family, and loves her friends.  I am so thankful for the beautiful little lady she is becoming.


  1. Looks like so much fun! She certainly felt like a Princess that day! Another great party, friend!

  2. I find myself smiling big as I soak in all that pink! It was a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl ~ so glad God made her (and you)! XO

  3. love it! I love that picture of me and little Coco...what a fun day! :)