Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Backseat Conversation

While driving yesterday, I was deep in though, enjoying the very blue sky.  Ava was singing, "I am going to stand on the Rock (of God's word)" and was on her third rendition.  Chloe and Phin has been quiet, but Phin must have decided he wanted in on the action.  He started singing "Bad Babies" (it's a Sandra Boynton song).  They competed in a game of "whose louder" for a minute or so before Ava became frustrated.

Ava:  "PHIN!  I am trying to praise God!"
Phin:  "I am trying to sing 'Bad Babies'"
Ava:  "You are not full of praise or full of life!"  (then in a less frustrated more instructive voice) "Did you know that is what my name means?  Ava means 'Full of life or full or praise', so I guess I could just say you are not very Ava."
Phin:  "So! my name is in the bible, Ava."
Ava:  "Phineas!  Praise is in the bible too and that is what I am trying to do here."
Phin:  "Oh!"  (as if totally enlightened for the first time;)

Certainly, sin nature was on display here in a few ways, but I just loved this little conversation.  I love that Ava really loves her name and embraces it's meaning.  I didn't realize Phineas really knew his name was in the bible, though we've certainly told him.  I love the way he stated the fact; he knows at 3 that the bible has authority and I LOVED that.  I also loved that all on their own my children went from completely frustrated to somehow forming an understanding between a 3 and 6 year old.  I was completely able to observe and enjoy;)

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  1. LOVE those moments! It's so obvious and beautiful that you've so intentionally been pouring into their little hearts---nurturing, shepherding, and discipling them. XO