Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adoption Process Update

We are well underway in our process now....all our paperwork on our end that needs to be done up to this point is completed.  We just have to have our physicals, which are scheduled, but not until 4/27.  (Did you know that though we just need a standard physical, because it is for adoption they made us wait for an "adoption physical" appointment.  This also means that though a physical a year is covered by our insurance it will be billed differently and that different code means we pay out of pocket.  COMPLETELY ANNOYING.  It means no insurance company is advocating for a lower price, we pay whatever the health system deems to be the "adoption physical" price.  Yes, the physcian needs to take an extra step of writing a letter on our behalf...but I am pretty sure a simple letter that says, "Marc and Kimberly are in good health and have no health care issues that would prevent them from caring for their children"  shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars.  This infuriates me, but I digress.)

Tuesday we have our homestudy.  This means our local agency (that we work with to be approved to adopt in the state of Wisconsin) sends our social worker.  She goes through our home, interviews our children, etc.  We have certain guidelines that need to be met for safety- ie. smoke alarms within 10 feet of all bedrooms, all cleaners/chemicals and medication in locked cabinets, no expired medications, etc.  We need to prove that we have room for more children and live in a safe environment.  It hasn't been incredibly stressful but is a bit time consuming to make sure everything is up to par.  I had expired meds from 2009....woops.  I always check before administering but there was some OLD stuff in there;)

Hopefully, this will go smoothly and they will type up a nice document and our dossier will be completed and we are on to immigration stuff and our referral.  Exciting times...getting this paperwork out of the way is priceless.  When we have all in hand (including MD letter and homestudy), I'll be sure to post a picture.  The vast amount of paperwork required is UNBELIEVABLE.

Quick shout out to our reference letter folks- we got back reference letters is very quick order...we know many people whose process has been held up because of reference letters so I thank our friends for honoring us by not only writing letters that make us cry, but getting them back to us quickly.  MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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  1. Yes, adoption is not for wimps :) So much paperwork, indeed! It's really rather riduculous. And, actually, one of my all-time favorites (in addition to the doctor's dictated letter that costs a crazy amount) is that your fingerprints "expire" through the USCIS! What?!?! :) Let me know when you get to the point of biometrics, I'm sure we will be able to compare notes! Hugs to you friend! Praying for your HS tomorrow!