Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grumpy Tuesday

8am- It's Tuesday and I am officially a Grump.  I have had a sore neck for a couple days.  It isn't enough pain to be debilitating but plenty of discomfort to be annoying, give me headaches, and worst of all make sleep difficult.  I have been up since 4:30 today and I am not so happy about it.  To top it off I started low dose Birth Control pills to try to manage some migraines I've been having.  There is a reason I wasn't on the pill- it makes me grumpy.  It's like a perfect grump storm up in here.  As if it weren't enough, my son decided to remove his pull up after we put him to bed last night so I have plenty of pee sheets and blankets and stuffed animals to wash AND emptying my cupboards reveals lots of dirty dishes put away by my very helpful MIL who meant well, but doesn't have the best eye sight.  My wonderful cleaning lady is very sick, so my to do list for the day grew exponentially since I have house guests arriving this evening.  GRUMP, GRUMP, GRUMP!  (and did I mention- GRUMP!)

Lots of excuses for grumpiness, but as I try to somehow justify my completely stinky attitude I am reminded that "grumpiness" missed the fruit of the Spirit list.  I am guessing it wasn't even close to making it.  I suppose that also means snapping at my kids and husband isn't really excusable?  Grrr.  These are the days that remind me how fragile I am.  Give me a little hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, and nagging discomfort and nice, patient, fun mommy/wife, becomes a nightmare.  Oh how I need Jesus!      I am just sitting here, pouring my excuses as his feet and asking the Holy Spirit to fill me with HIS fruits, asking him to help me take mean thoughts captives, asking him to bind my tongue from words that wound or thoughtless conversation.  I hope and pray that 12 hours from now when I crawl into bed Grump Tuesday will have turned into Victory Tuesday.  It certainly will be testament to the power of God made perfect in my complete and utter weakness...it's actually awesome to know ALL things are possible with God.  Sometimes seemingly small things are big miracles.  I know I need one today and I have great hope that my powerful God can overcome my nastiness;)

Addendum- Things that helped turn Grumpy Tuesday into Victory Tuesday (I'll add throughout the day)

1) Bible study gals- thankful I didn't skip just to clean bathrooms
2) Bacon....one of the best foods on earth in my humble opinion
3) Jimmy Johns
4) a nap...a short power nap really does make a world of difference
5) my Kari Jobe CD
6) Jesus Calling Devotional
7)  Laughter...at my husband's expense (He came home from work with a bleeding head.  He escaped work because his head is bleeding and he didn't want try explain how the heck it happened.   He scraped his head on the coat hook in the handicap stall when pulling up his pants.  He's fine...and so I can laugh...it also for some strange reason reminded me of a friend who pulled her butt muscle doing the "superstar" move from SNL...bringing on more laughter.)
9) we've been a bit stressed about money since starting the adoption.  We have had more unexpected financial requirements than ever before (no coincidence, we know).  We have been a bit stressed about making sure we are diligent with saving, yet also somewhat excited because we are 100% confident God has it in control.  Today, we got a refund check (YAHOO!) AND found out we'd been overpaying into escrow on our mortgage so they decreased our monthly payment;)  Unexpected blessings;)

8pm-  Guess what?!  Not too bad today.  God totally answered prayer- I'll gladly receive bacon and a nap ANY day;)  What surprised me most, however, was one of the things that gave me most joy today ended up being cleaning my bathroom.  I have an amazing cleaning lady- I sort of adore her.  Still, I don't think anyone scrubs my house like I do and it's been a couple months since I've scrubbed my bathroom myself.  It's sparkly and uber clean and scrubbing gets out tension.  I found great joy in the job...thanks, God;)

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