Monday, April 23, 2012

This weekend some dear, dear friends of our went through an extremely traumatic situation.  It is a profound miracle that Jason and the girls are alive.  I was sitting in a movie theater Saturday afternoon, when I got a text saying they'd been electricuted.  I couldn't focus on the movie, my heart was crying out to God to spare their lives, to wrap his arms around Roxanne as she waited.  God chose to intervene and spare their lives.  He chose to go beyond that and spare them from life long disability.  It is a miracle- no question.

It's been hard to focus on anything else the last couple days.  We are so far away (they are in Africa).  Yet, it has also been extremely comforting that God is there.  He is so big- he is listening to me and there with them.  The thought is mind blowing.

I also just want to keep hugging my family.  We wrongly assume time is ours.  Each day truly is but a breath, it is a gift.  This weekend we were reminded of the fragility of life.  It is a reminder I want to keep close to heart.  I want to use the time God has given me on earth to bring glory to his name.  I don't want to waste time on that which is unimportant and I want to be thankful for every day he gives me with family and friends.  Each day together is a gift.

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  1. I felt the same way Kim--literally could not focus on anything else when I found out Sunday-my heart wanted to be there for Roxanne too...I've shed tears, and rejoiced in our amazing God with them. What a miracle!!