Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Beloved (or not) Window Pecker

I posted last week about the blasted cardinal that was repeatedly attacking my windows.  I just wanted to get a moment of sympathy by making sure you all know HE IS STILL HERE AND STILL PECKING.  I've tried everything short of killing the bird.  I can't say I haven't considered the possibility of that final option; he's darn lucky my favorite color is red!

Indeed there is a little nest in the tree outside our backyard, but the stupid bird still pecks repeatedly.  I am confident at this point it is because he has suffered brain damage.  The websites say he does it to attack his reflection.  They also say they return to the same window.  Not our feathered friend.  He pecks when it is sunny, he pecks when it is cloudy.  There is no reflection and he still pecks.  The window is covered and he still pecks.  He has waged an all out war against our house.  He is even pecking at the second story windows now.  Ava was pretty freaked out by that prospect.  Having him peck the ground floor was annoying; having him outside bedrooms is downright terrifying apparently.  She keeps saying, "MOM!  We have to do something about this bird.  Pretty soon he is going to peck his way through the Window."  I sure hope not....for then I too would be completely terrified.  He's surely deranged...perhaps I am too.

I honestly don't notice much anymore.  It's a permanent part of the background noise I already block out.  The pecking ranks in there with the constant "momma, momma, momma" I hear all day.  If he gets inside, it'll definitely be a situation I'm completely ill equipped to handle.  For the meantime, I just kind of hope he kills himself.  I am totally over being sympathetic.  I've have read and applied the advice of bird experts and tried to help him.  Now, like a rebellious teenager, he just might have to learn from his own mistakes.


  1. At this point, maybe you need to put him out of his misery and yours....can you at least catch him and release him somewhere else far, far away? Karla

  2. Kim, I thought of you today as I was walking between buildings at work and saw a beautiful, brilliant cardinal ... I will forever think of this bird differently. And, actually, not only am I going to think of this bird different, but I'm not sure if I will ever be able to think of scotch tape the same either. Nice post above, I got a good case of the giggles! Heather L.